H.francisiana.JPG (37057 bytes)Hakea francisiana: is a native of Western Australia and is sometimes known as the Red Spike Hakea. This erect shrub will reach a height of four metres by two metres wide. The broad-linear leaves are about 25 centimetres long and have five to seven distinct longitudinal veins. In spring the plants produce axillary* red flower spikes. The spikes are up to ten centimetres long. Birds are attracted to the flowers. Persistent woody fruits, with a prominent broad beak are borne in clusters after flowering.

Hakea francisiana is a beautiful shrub with breath-taking flowers. We have no specimens growing at Yallaroo but intend to remedy this deficiency in the near future.

On eastern Australia’s humid coast the species may suffer from root rot. Grafting onto Hakea salicifolia rootstock has been successful.

The specimen illustrated is growing in the Armidale Arboretum in northern New South Wales. The photograph was taken in October 2004.

Propagate from seed and possibly cuttings.


Hakea francisiana, Hakea multilineata and Hakea bucculenta are similar species.

Hakea bucculenta has leaves with one distinct vein.

Hakea multilineata has fruit with two keel-like ridges.

Hakea francisiana has fruit without ridges and the leaves have five to seven longitudinal ridges.


* Axillary = carried in the base of a leaf.