H.eriantha.JPG (46458 bytes)Hakea eriantha: is a member of the Proteaceae family together with Banksias, Grevilleas and South African Proteas. This species is sometimes known as the Tree Hakea but we feel that this is horticultural poetic license. Hakea eriantha will reach a maximum height of three metres. This puts the species into the medium to tall shrub category. Hakea eriantha usually has broad, lance-like leaves. The leaves are glossy above and pale beneath. Flowering is profuse in spring with white blooms appearing at the base of each leaf. Smooth, beaked, persistent fruits follow the flowers. As with all Hakeas the fruits contain two winged seeds. Fruits remain on the plant until it is killed by bushfire or native plant propagators remove them. When the fruits open the seeds fall out and their aeronautical design allows dispersal by wind.
At Yallaroo our Hakea eriantha are visited by Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos. They break open the fruits and extract the seeds. The Cockatoos favour this Hakea to any other species in the garden.
A few years ago a population was found, east of Armidale, with very narrow leaves. This narrow-leaved species grows into a dense, compact shrub.
Both forms could be cultivated in shrubberies or as a foreground plant in shelterbelts and windbreaks.
Hakea eriantha occurs in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.
Propagates readily from seed.