H.drupacea.JPG (32773 bytes)Hakea drupacea: is a member Proteaceae family and was previously known as Hakea suaveolens. The common name is Sweet-scented Hakea.
Hakea drupacea is a rounded shrub that may reach a height of 3 metres by 3 metres across. The bright green leaves are lobed with sharp points.
Flowers are white and sweetly scented. They are carried in clusters and are often profuse and conspicuous. Between April and July is the main flowering period with sporadic flowering at other times. It is said that plants may take up to 6 years to flower. Our plants are at least 7 years old and have not flowered. The image is of a plant growing in a Sydney park. Egg-shaped, shiny brown, woody fruits that taper to a small beak follow the flowers.
Hakea drupacea is an excellent windbreak and also provides safe nesting sites for small native birds. Double-barred Finches and Eastern Spinebills have nested in our specimens.
The Sweet-scented Hakea is a native of the south-west corner of Western Australia.
Unfortunately Hakea drupacea was introduced into South Africa in the 1830ís. The species has now become a weed and is invading fragile Fynbos vegetation. Sweet-scented Hakea was also introduced into the United Kingdom in about 1803.
Propagate from seed and probably cuttings.