H.cycloptera.JPG (53370 bytes)Hakea cycloptera:  is a member of the Proteaceae family and is a native of South Australia .
Hakea cycloptera is a dwarf to small, upright shrub that reaches a height of about one metre. The leaves are terete (needle-like) with a sharp point and blue-green in colour.
Clusters of flowers are carried at the base of the leaves and are white or pale pink. Blooms are abundant and appear between December and August.
The flowers are followed by woody fruits that are egg-shaped, warty or wrinkled with a short beak.
Hakea cycloptera has proved to be a hardy, free-flowering small shrub in the gardens at Yallaroo. Growth habit, foliage and flowers are attractive features.
One author states: “It has limited ornamental appeal”. We beg to differ and intend to plant more specimens in our gardens.
Our plant (see image) is about one metre tall and flowered for the second time in April 2006.
Hakea vittate is a similar species and is also a native of South Australia .
Hakea cycloptera would be an attractive addition to a shrubbery and it is small enough to be accommodated in a native cottage garden.
The species name means circular wings and refers to the wing that surrounds the seed.
Propagate from seed.