H.costata.JPG (263696 bytes)Hakea costata: is a native of Western Australia and is a low, open shrub usually less than one metre high. The short leaves are rigid and terminate in a sharp point.
Plants become covered in small flowers during spring. Plants, in the wild, then produce small woody fruits. The fruits are only eight millimetres long and are said to be the smallest of all Hakea fruit.
Hakea costata prefers well drained, sunny situations.
Our specimen was grown from seed collected in Western Australia . Our specimen is at least seven years old and has flowered profusely for the past five years. In all that flowering there have been no fruits. We do not known if this is a characteristic of all cultivated plants.
Hakea costata is suitable for inclusion in a large rockery or native cottage garden. We would suggest that you do not plant this Hakea near a path or passage way. Contact with the prickly foliage would be rather painful.
Propagate from seed.