H.bakeriana.JPG (41881 bytes)Hakea bakeriana: is a member of the Proteaceae family and is a rounded shrub that will reach a height of two metres by two metres.
The light green, needle-like leaves may be up to seven centimetres long. The tips are pointed but the foliage is soft and only slightly prickly.
Pink and cream flowers are carried on old wood in winter and spring. The blooms are followed by large woody fruits (see image) that are five centimetres in diameter.
Hakea bakeriana is a handsome shrub. Foliage, flowers and fruits are all attractive features. The flowers are somewhat concealed but honeyeaters have no trouble finding them. The fruits are too large to be hidden and are some of the largest in the genus. Each fruit contains two winged seeds.
Hakea bakeriana in a New South Wales species and occurs in the Newcastle area, north of Sydney.
Hakea bakeriana is happy in well-drained situations with full or partial shade.
Light pruning is appreciated.
Propagate from seed or cuttings. It is said that cuttings taken in winter strike enthusiastically.