H.actites.JPG (59484 bytes)Hakea actites: is a member of the Proteaceae family and is known as Wallum Hakea.

Hakea actites is a rounded shrub that may reach 5 metres in height. The leaves are needle-like with a sharp point. They reach 7 centimetres in length.

Small clusters of white flowers are carried in the leaf axils and appear in late winter and early spring.

Woody fruits follow the flowers and are egg-shaped with a wrinkled surface. Each fruit protects two winged seeds.

Hakea actites is a coastal species and is found in heath, swamp or dry sclerophyll forest from northern New South Wales to southern Queensland.

The dense, prickly foliage is used as nesting sites by small native birds.

The Wallum Hakea is similar in appearance to the better-known Hakea sericea.

The specimen illustrated was growing in the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden, Coffs Harbour.

Propagate from seed.