H.Pink-Lace.JPG (54746 bytes)Hakea “Pink Lace”: is a member of the Proteaceae family. The name is registered by Austraflora Nursery in Victoria.

Hakea “Pink Lace” is a medium shrub that may reach a height of three metres. The stiff branches are slightly pendulous. The narrow, very prickly leaves are up to four centimetres long. The prickly foliage provides nesting sites for small nesting birds.

In late winter and spring the branches become crowded with pink flowers. From a distance flowering specimens appear to be surrounded by a pink haze.

Hakea “Pink Lace” is one of the best pink-flowering native plants and could be used in bird-friendly gardens or hedges. Because of the prickly foliage the species is best kept away from paths and thoroughfares.

Hakea “Pink Lace” is said to be a form of Hakea decurrens subsp physocarpa that usually has white flowers. This subspecies is found in south-east New South Wales, central and eastern Victoria and possibly northern Tasmania. Hakea decurrens is very similar to Hakea sericea.

Propagate from seed. Seedling grown plants produce pink flowers.