Hardviol.JPG (50143 bytes)Hardenbergia violacea is known as Purple Coral Pea, False Sarsaparilla or Native Sarsaparilla and is a member of the Fabaceae (Pea) family. This climbing or twining plant is found in all eastern states and South Australia. The “conventional” form is a vigorous climber or twiner, which may be trained to grow on fences or other structures. The purple pea-shaped flowers cover the plant in spring. There are also white and pink flowered forms. Some forms develop into shrubs. One popular shrubby form is known as Mini Haha. 
“Happy Wanderer” is a vigorous climber with dense clusters of purple flowers. The image shows a "Happy Wanderer" vine covering a chook (chicken) pen in Tamworth, northern New South Wales. This cultivar is one of the most colourful Australian native vines.
Pruning will increase foliage density and flowers with all forms. Propagates readily from seed although various colour forms should be propagated from cuttings to retain their characteristics. 
We have seen Hardenbergia violacea growing as a ground cover in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park. The plants covered an area of many square metres and were an eye-catching sight because they were in full flower.