H.nodosa.JPG (24471 bytes)Hakea nodosa: is known as the Yellow Hakea. Hakea nodosa will reach a height of two metres. Occurs in southeastern South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. There are appears to be two forms. The “conventional” form has light green, cylindrical leaves with a prickly point.  In early autumn this form produces pale yellow flowers along the stems. We have grown this form for many years. Some time ago we visited the Grampian Mountains in Central Victoria and saw some cultivated specimens of Hakea nodosa with massed dark yellow flowers. We were told that this was the Grampians form of the species. Seeds and cuttings were collected. The seeds germinated readily and we succeeded in striking the cuttings. The main image shows a cutting grown specimen growing at Yallaroo. This plant is about one metre tall and is covered with yellow flowers (June 2001). Main flowering occurs in late autumn and winter. The small image shows the attractive red colour of the stems. The Grampian’s form of   Hakea nodosa is certainly a beautiful shrub and we intend to plant more specimens at Yallaroo. The Flora of Australia (Vol. 17B-Hakeas etc) does not mention the Grampian’s form.