Hakea_fraseri.JPG (31618 bytes)Hakea fraseri is a rare species growing in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, east of Armidale. At one time a Hakea from southern Queensland was included in the species. This Queensland species is now considered to be Hakea lorea subsp. lorea. Hakea fraseri is named after Charles Fraser who collected the species in 1818. Hakea fraseri is a medium to tall shrub with drooping foliage. The long narrow leaves have a sharp tip. The large flower clusters are cream-white with purple bases and appear in spring. The flowers are similar in appearance to the flowers of Hakea petiolaris. This species is one of the few Hakeas that shed their seeds when they mature. Hakea fraseri grows on cliff faces and scree slopes and consequently is very hard to visit. This is a plant with great horticultural potential. Propagation is from seed and perhaps cuttings.