Helapic.JPG (21780 bytes)Helichrysum apiculatum, Yellow Buttons, has fallen victim to botanical reshuffling. It is now known as Chrysocephalum apiculatum. Regardless of the name change Yellow Buttons is a colourful dwarf perennial, sometimes spreading, sometimes suckering, some  plants have broad leaves, some with narrow but always with bright yellow flower heads. No doubt there will be more taxonomic work on the species. Some forms may become species in their own right whilst others could become subspecies or varieties.

Large numbers of Yellow Buttons are growing in the grasslands at Yallaroo. This is another perennial, which has appeared after the removal of sheep. We have several forms. A small leaved form with green leaves, one with grey leaves and a suckering form with grey leaves. Our three forms have aromatic leaves and carry yellow flowers for many months. Chrysocephalum apiculatum is a hardy and colourful plant suitable for rockeries and native cottage gardens. Propagates readily from cuttings.