Grey_kangaroo.JPG (35104 bytes)Grey Kangaroos (Macropus giganteus) frequently visit the mown areas around the house at Yallaroo. In the morning and afternoon there may be up to 15 individuals feeding only a few metres from our family room. Grey Kangaroos are common throughout the eastern coast and tablelands of New South Wales. Males may develop into large animals up to two metres (six feet) tall. Males will often fight on our lawn using their paws and powerful hind legs to gain supremacy over their rivals.
Joeys (baby kangaroos) are fairly large when they leave their motherís pouch. After becoming mobile they spend some time dashing around (sometimes 50 metres from mother) perfecting their hopping ability. Joey and mother spend many months together. We have seen joeys, at least half as big as their mothers still taking milk from the pouch. We are happy to have these visitors around the house. Looking out of our windows is like being involved in a wildlife documentary.
The photograph shows one of our female kangaroos with a white patch on the nose. Many of her progeny display this mark.