Grey_fantail.JPG (39537 bytes)Grey Fantail (Rhipidura fuliginosa): is a bird that is 140-165 millimetres long. The large, dark grey fantail has white outer feathers. The eyebrows consist of two separate white streaks. The throat is white and is separated from the fawn to buff breast by a dark band.

Grey Fantails are usually observed singly or in pairs. They are very active, spreading their tails and performing aerobatic manoeuvres as they chase and usually catch insects.

The nest is small and shaped like a wine glass without a base. Grass, bark and wood fibres are bound with spider webs. There are two to three eggs, yellowish or fawn- white with light brown spots.

The Grey Fantail is found throughout Australia including Tasmania, except in dense forests and dry areas with no vegetation cover.

Grey Fantails are frequent visitors to Yallaroo. They often use our bird baths and spend some time darting through our shrubberies in their search for insects.