Greyhuntsman2.JPG (24464 bytes)Grey Huntsman Spider (Holoconia immanis): As with many out-of town properties we have a shed that is used for storing 30 years accumulated debris, a workshop etc. Local wildlife often visits our shed. Swallows try to build nests, Noisy Scrub Wrens visit hunting for lunch and various wasp species build mud or paper nests. There are also some permanent residents. Hiding amongst our books, papers and sundry items are large spiders. Many Grey Huntsman spiders now call our shed home. They have grey heads and abdomens, white markings on their legs and a dagger-like marking on their bodies. Including their legs some specimens are almost as big as a saucer. Although harmless they tend to cause consternation when they are disturbed. Grey Huntsman rest during the day and seek their prey during the night. They often return to the same place to rest during the day. One spider has returned to the same place every day for three weeks. Females produce large egg sacs (illustrated) containing hundreds of eggs. The furry material on this egg sac is spider skin. After hatching the baby spiders shed their skins almost immediately. Grey Huntsmen are part of the rich wildlife tapestry that shares Yallaroo with us.