Grevilleas for North and Northwest Gardens.

The Grevilleas are the best known group of native plants. They come in a wide range of growth habit, foliage shape and flower colour.
In general, Grevilleas have proved to be frost hardy and drought tolerant. Their flowers are rich in nectar and will attract honeyeaters. Varieties with prickly foliage will provide shelter and nesting sites for small native birds. Those with ground covering growth habit could be cultivated as living mulch.
There is a Grevillea for every garden situation. The species and hybrids listed are all surviving and thriving  in our garden near Armidale.
Prune your Grevilleas after flowering to keep them bushy and blooming bounteously. 

G. arenaria: 2 to 3m. Grey-green velvety foliage. Red-green flowers Winter-summer.
G. Austraflora Jubilee: 1m. Fine foliage. Gold & red flowers winter-spring.
G. Austraflora Old Gold:
Ground cover. Light green foliage. Coral-pink most of year.
G. baueri: 1.5m. Bronze new growth. Red to pink flowers winter-spring.
G. beadleana: A local species. 1.5m. Hairy foliage. Purplish red toothbrush flowers winter-spring.
G. Bronze Rambler: Vigorous ground cover. Divided leaves. Burgundy-pink flowers spring.
G. Canberra Gem: 2.5m. Prickly foliage. Pink flowers spring-summer.
G. Canterbury Gold: Mounded shrub. Soft, grey foliage. Gold flowers winter to summer.                
G. Coastal Glow: 2m. Spreading shrub. Purple-red toothbrush spring-summer.
G. Evelynís Coronet: 1.5m. Soft foliage. Pink & grey flowers winter-spring.
G. Forest Rambler: 1.5m. Dark green foliage. Unusual pale purple-pink flowers spring-summer.
G. gaudichaudii: Ground cover. Dark green, lobed leaves. Burgundy toothbrush flowers spring-summer.
G. hookeriana: 2.5 m. Fern-like foliage. Scarlet toothbrush flowers winter-summer.
G. iascapula: Wee Jasper. 1.5m. Bright green foliage. Pink flowers winter-spring. Rare.
G. jephcottii: 1.5m. Hairy foliage. Clusters of green flowers autumn-spring. Rare.
G. juniperina: Various growth forms from medium shrubs to ground covers. Various flower colours.
G. lanigera Mt. Tamboritha: Ground cover. Pink flowers winter-summer.
G. longifolia: 2m. Long, narrow leaves. Pink-red toothbrush flowers winter-spring.
G. Poorinda Constance:
2m. Glossy foliage. Scarlet flowers for most of year.
G. Poorinda Royal Mantle: Ground cover. Lobed leaves. Dark red toothbrush flowers most of year.
G. rhyolitica: Deua Flame. 1.5m. Soft foliage. Pendant red flowers throughout year. Rare.
G. rosmarinifolia: 1.5m Very prickly foliage. Pink-red flowers winter-spring.
G. triloba:  2m. Very prickly foliage. White, perfumed flowers spring.
G. Winpara Gem: 2m. Grey-green foliage. Pink-orange flowers winter-spring.