G_teretifolia.JPG (25650 bytes)Grevillea teretifolia: is a member of the Proteaceae family and is a native of south-west Western Australia.
Grevillea teretifolia is an erect, medium shrub with light green, segmented leaves. Each leaf is crowned with a sharp point. The flowers are carried in pendulous, one-sided clusters. Flowers are white or rarely pink. Flowering occurs in spring. Honeyeaters are attracted to the flowers.
Grevillea teretifolia prefers well-drained soils and lots of sunshine.
The specimens, in our garden, have proved to be extremely tolerant of drought and frost.
Grevillea teretifolia could be grown as a screen, hedge or for controlling foot traffic.
Light pruning, after flowering, is appreciated.
The plant illustrated is growing in one of our gardens. It is the rarer pink-flowered form and is over five years old.
Propagate from cuttings.