G.shiressii.JPG (148626 bytes)Grevillea shiressii: is a very rare species that is only found in a small area of the Central Coast of New South Wales.
Grevillea shiressii is a medium shrub that may reach a height of two to three metres in cultivation. Plants are said to reach 7.5 metres in the wild.
The lanceolate leaves are up to 16 centimetres long. Their tops are strongly veined with wavy margins.
Flowers appear in winter and spring and carried in loose clusters on old wood. Blooms are often hidden within the shrub. Honeyeaters have no trouble finding them. The flowers have an usual mix of colours. They are predominantly green with tones of bluish purple and red-brown. When first introduced into cultivation it was thought that the species had blue flowers. Unfortunately this was not the case although the flowers are unusual in their own right. Honeyeaters are obviously not fussed about flower colour.
Grevillea shiressii has taken well to cultivation and has proved to be fast growing, frost hardy and drought resistant. Foliage is an attractive feature.
Use Grevillea shiressii in screens and as a background plant in shrubberies.
Prune annually to keep plants dense and bushy.
Propagate from cuttings.