G.Royal_Mantle.JPG (40073 bytes)Grevillea Poorinda Royal Mantle: is a member of the Proteaceae family and is a hybrid whose parents are said to be Grevillea laurifolia and Grevillea willisii.

Grevillea Poorinda Royal Mantle is an outstanding ground cover and individual plants extend many metres in diameter.

The leaves are variable and may be lanceolate or with one or more broad lobes. They may be up to 11 centimetres long. Leaves are smooth, mid-green above and silvery with hairs beneath. New growth is bronze.

Toothbrush-shaped flowers are carried from late winter to autumn. They are red, rich in nectar and attract honeyeaters.

Grevillea Poorinda Royal Mantle could be used to cover embankments or large bare areas. Plant individual specimens at two metre centres for maximum coverage.

This hybrid could be grown together with Grevillea Bronze Rambler and Grevillea x gaudichaudii. Both are also dense ground covers with bird attracting flowers.

Grevillea Poorinda Royal Mantle is one of the most outstanding hybrids in the Poorinda range.

Propagation must be from cuttings in order to preserve its desirable characteristics.