G.rivularis.JPG (45927 bytes)Grevillea rivularis: is a member o the Proteaceae family and is known as the Carrington Falls Grevillea.
Grevillea rivularis is a medium shrub with spreading growth habit. The leaves are light green and divided into several segments. Each segment has a sharp point. The leaves are about 6 centimetres long.
Pink toothbrush flowers are carried at the end of branches and appear in late winter and spring. The flower colour deepens as they age.
Flowers attract honeyeaters and the prickly foliage provides nesting sites for small native birds.
Grevillea rivularis is a hardy shrub that tolerates drought and frost. Full sun or partial shade is acceptable. Carrington Falls Grevillea will grow in heavily mulched, well drained situations as well as moist to wet sites.
Grevillea rivularis would be an ideal addition to bird-friendly gardens. Keep plants away from paths as the foliage is a trifle prickly.
Grevillea rivularis is found in a small area on the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. The species is considered to be vulnerable. Most of the population is protected in a National Park and the species is well-known in cultivation. These factors should ensure the survival of this interesting Grevillea.
Propagate from cuttings.