Deua-Flame.JPG (25169 bytes)Grevillea rhyolitica: Once upon a time there was Grevillea victoriae. This species was found in Southern New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Northern Victoria. Both sub-alpine and coastal areas were home to Grevillea victoriae. The species was noted for a wide range of forms and varieties. Recently a number of new species were split from the Grevillea victoriae complex. Grevillea rhyolitica is one of these new species. It is classified as an endangered plant and is sold under the name Deua Flame. This is an apt name for the species. Grevillea rhyolitica comes from the Deua National Park, in Southern New South Wales and the pendant flower heads are bright red. Grevillea Deua Flame will reach a height of 1.5 metres by 1.5 metres and will flower throughout the year. The flowers are rich in nectar and will attract honeyeaters. Together with a number of other endangered native plants, this beautiful Grevillea is marketed by Yarralumla Nurseries in Canberra.  Pruning regularly will encourage dense growth and increase flowering. We have found that this species propagates readily from cuttings.