G.Rachel-Barb.JPG (9858 bytes)Grevillea Rachel Barbara: We have mentioned Promiscuous Grevilleas previously. When two or three Grevilleas are grown together there is the distinct possibility that hybrid seedlings will appear in the garden. Because we are cultivating over 90 Grevillea varieties at Yallaroo we have many hybrid Grevillea seedlings germinating. Many germinate in places where they have little chance of survival. We dig up most of these, pot them on and plant them out when established. Once they have a home in the gardens we keep a close eye on them. Growth habit, foliage and most importantly flower colour are observed. The hybrid illustrated developed into a medium shrub with soft foliage and yellow-green flowers. Both foliage and flower shape and colour are similar to those of Grevillea floribunda and we suspect that this species is one of the parents.
The hybrid has proved to be hardy, free flowering, drought resistant and frost tolerant. We have named it after our eldest daughter, Rachel. Coincidentally the flowers appeared at about the time that Rachel was awarded her Doctor of Philosophy degree for her work in pain research. We thought that this was an event worthy of commemoration, hence a new hybrid Grevillea was born.
Grevillea Rachel Barbara strikes readily from cuttings.
We will not be releasing “Rachel Barbara” commercially as we are not in the horticultural business. As plants become available we will be giving specimens to other native plant enthusiasts. One will also fine a home in Rachel and her family’s garden.