G.pilosa.JPG (39352 bytes)Grevillea pilosa: is a member of the Proteaceae family and is a native of Western Australia.

Grevillea pilosa is a spreading shrub with arching branches. Plants usually reach a height of less than one metre.

The leaves are holly-like in shape, about five centimetres long and are armed with sharp, marginal teeth. Flowers are carried in terminal racemes (a simple, unbranched inflorescence). Blooms are pink to red, usually profuse and conspicuous. Birds are attracted to the flowers.

Grevillea pilosa is suitable for native cottage gardens, rockeries and in the foreground of garden beds.

The specimen illustrated is growing in one of our gardens and had disappeared under other vegetation. We rediscovered the plant in June 2007.

Propagate from seed, that may be slow to germinate, or cuttings that strike readily.