G.mollis.JPG (40777 bytes)Grevillea mollis: is a member of the Proteaceae family. This very rare species is only found in a limited area, east of Glen Innes on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales. There may be only 150 plants in the wild.
Grevillea mollis is a spreading shrub that that reaches a height of two metres. The branches are slightly pendulous and the leaves are oblong to elliptical in shape, soft and hairy on the underside.
The flowers are carried in loose clusters of four to eight. The perianth and style are scarlet. Flowering occurs over a lengthy period probably from spring to autumn. The species is so new to cultivation that no firm information is available for the flowering period. The specimen illustrated is growing in our gardens at Yallaroo and flowers first appeared in late summer. Flowering is not profuse but birds would be attracted to the blooms. Growth habit and foliage are the most attractive features.
Grevillea mollis could be grown as a “stand alone” specimen or in hedges and shrubberies. It is said that the species will cope with shaded situations. Our specimen is growing in full sun.
Light pruning will keep plants dense and bushy.
Grevillea mollis is beginning to appear in nurseries and will have a great horticultural future.
The species name means soft and refers to the leaf texture.
Propagate from cuttings.