G.mccutcheonii2.JPG (12039 bytes)Grevillea mccutcheonii: is a member of the Proteaceae family and is classified as an endangeredG.mccutcheonii1.JPG (36047 bytes) plant. The species was only named in 1996.

Grevillea mccutcheonii is a spreading shrub that will reach a height of about one metre.

The leaves are unusual and probably unique in the world of Grevilleas (see left image). They are stem-clasping and cruciform (cross-shaped). The leaves are about 2.5 centimetres long with four lobes. Each lobe is crowned with one or two sharp points.

The flower clusters contain up to 28 individual flowers. They are an unusual reddish-green colour (see right image).

Both foliage shape and flower colour are unique.

Grevillea mccutcheonii could be grown as a foreground plant in shrubberies or included in large rockeries or native cottage gardens.

Grevillea mccutcheonii comes from a very limited area in south-west Western Australia.   

Propagate from cuttings.