G.longifolia.JPG (24006 bytes)Grevillea longifolia: is one of many Grevillea species and hybrids with toothbrush flowers and long, narrow leaves. Grevillea longifolia will develop into a large, spreading shrub. Regular pruning will keep plants dense, compact and blooming bounteously. The lobed leaves vary in length from 10 to 25 cm and are about 20 mm wide. The red toothbrush flowers are held horizontally, appear in late winter and spring and are rich in nectar.
Grevillea longifolia is native to the lower Blue Mountains extending to the Southern Tablelands. The species is classified as rare with a geographic range less than 100 kms, with some populations protected in National Parks. Because Grevillea longifolia is widely cultivated there is no risk of the species becoming extinct.
Grevillea longifolia is reputed to be one of the parents of a number of well-known hybrids including G. Poorinda Anticipation, G. Poorinda Peter and G. Ivanhoe.
The species is grown commercially in Southern France for its foliage.
Propagate from cuttings.