G.linearifolia.JPG (43315 bytes)Grevillea linearifolia: is a member of the Proteaceae family and is a variable, small to medium shrub. Young growth is silky-hairy whilst adult leaves are linear, 2-13 centimetres long, 10-15 millimetres wide and sometimes crowded. Leaves are green above and silky-hairy beneath.

Flowers may be white, yellowish, cream, pink or lavender. They are said to be sweetly scented. As yet we have not sampled the flower aroma. Blooms are carried for many months.

Grevillea linearifolia is a widespread species and occurs in New South Wales, north from Sydney and in southern Queensland. There are many forms and they vary in growth habit and flower colour.

The form illustrated is from Torrington, northern New South Wales. This form has yellowish flowers and greyish leaves. Plants rarely exceed one metre in height. In the Torrington State Conservation Area Grevillea linearifolia is often the dominant understorey shrub.

We have observed another form, of this Grevillea, growing in the Lake Parramatta Reserve, western Sydney. This form develops into a shrub about two metres tall with white flowers.

Propagate all forms from cuttings.