G.granulifera.JPG (40300 bytes)Grevillea granulifera: is a medium shrub, with elliptical leaves. The flowers are pinkish red or pinkish purple with a red style. The flowers are bird attracting. The species was named in 1994.
There are two forms. One is an upright shrub with narrow growth habit and the other has weeping branches. The upright form comes from the North Coast , of New South Wales, in the Taree area. The latter form grows in the gorge country, east of Armidale, on the Northern Tablelands also of New South Wales .
The image shows the flower cluster of the upright form. We have been growing this form for a number of years. Along some roads, in the Taree area, it is the dominant shrub.
The upright form could be cultivated in a narrow garden bed or along a driveway.
Propagate from cuttings that usually strike readily.