G.floribunda.JPG (31666 bytes)Grevillea floribunda: belongs to the Proteaceae family. This widespread species develops into a dwarf to medium shrub with oblong to oval leaves. New growth is rusty-hairy. The flowers are an unusual feature. They are rusty-green in colour, tightly clustered and carried in groups of seven or so. This has given rise to one common name: Seven Dwarfs Grevillea. The Rusty Spider Flower is the more accepted common name. Flowering occurs mainly in winter and spring and often at other times. Honeyeaters are frequent visitors.
Grevillea floribunda is a decorative shrub with its unusual flowers. Tip prune to keep the plants dense and bushy. The Rusty Spider Flower could be used as a foreground plant in native garden beds. We had a ten year old specimen in a previous garden.  
Grevillea floribunda
occurs from central Queensland to western New South Wales . There are variations, within the species, throughout its range. In the future some of the variations may be given species status.
The Pilliga Scrub is a stronghold of the species. The Rusty Spider Flower occurs close to Yallaroo. We have found a population less than one kilometre from home.
Propagate from cuttings.