G.flexuosa.JPG (37833 bytes)Grevillea flexuosa: is known as the Zigzag Grevillea and is a native of Western Australia. The common name refers to the erratic shape of the mid-vein of the leaves.
Grevillea flexuosa will develop into an open shrub about two metres high by two metres wide. The grey-green leaves are divided into somewhat prickly segments that may be up to 15 centimetres long. Leaves are widely spaced along the branches.
The unusual, attractive cream flowers are carried in candle-like spikes, about four centimetres long. Spring is the main flowering period.
Grevillea flexuosa is a very rare species. Fortunately a few years ago a new population was discovered. This greatly expanded its distribution. The species is also coming into cultivation and this will ensure its survival.
The specimen illustrated is growing in one of our gardens. The photograph was taken in September 2006. This plant has survived and thrived through a dry and harsh winter.
Propagate from cuttings.