Grevillea_Fanfare.JPG (49217 bytes)Grevillea Fanfare: is a member of the Proteaceae family. “Fanfare” is thought to be a hybrid between Grevillea gaudichaudii and Grevillea longifolia.

Grevillea Fanfare is a dense ground cover that has a spread approaching four metres. The deeply lobed leaves are about 150 millimetres long with a width of 45 millimetres. Leaf lobes end in a point. The leaf upper surface is dark green and the underside has a dense covering of white, silky hairs. This hairy covering is typical of many Grevilleas.

Toothbrush-shaped flowers are dark red and are carried for many months. They are rich in nectar and attract honeyeaters.

Grevillea Fanfare is a hardy, free-flowering, fast growing ground cover. Growth habit, foliage and flowers are all attractive features.

Grevillea Fanfare could be grown as living mulch under trees and shrubs or allowed to spill down embankments.

Try growing this attractive ground cover with similar varieties such as Grevillea gaudichaudii and Grevillea Austraflora Royal Mantle.

Propagation must be from cuttings to preserve the ground covering growth habit.