G.Ember_Glow.JPG (27696 bytes)Grevillea Ember Glow: is a hybrid whose parents are Grevillea rhyolitica and a prostrate red form of Grevillea juniperina. Grevillea Ember Glow develops into a mounded ground cover that is one metre tall with a spread of two metres. The leaves are dark green and linear. Grevillea Ember Glow has eye-catching flowers that are orange-red, carried in slightly pendulous clusters and are present for most of the year.
Both the flowering period and flower clusters are similar to Grevillea rhyolitica, one of the parents. Growth habit, foliage and flowers are all attractive features.
We have been growing this hybrid for a couple of years and have found that it copes with both frosts and drought. Birds are attracted to the flowers.
Propagation must be from cuttings to preserve the desirable characteristics of this attractive and hardy hybrid.
Various forms, of Grevillea juniperina seem to be one of the parents of a wide range of hybrid Grevilleas.