G.Elegance.jpg (43837 bytes)Grevillea Elegance: is a hybrid whose parents are said to be: Grevillea johnsonii and Grevillea longistyla.
Grevillea Elegance is a medium shrub that may reach a height of three to four metres with long, linear leaves that are dark green and finely divided.
Large bright pink flowers are carried in clusters and appear from autumn to summer. The blooms have an unusual waxy appearance.
This colourful and hardy Grevillea prefers well drained situations in both full sun and partial shade.
We have one specimen that flowers constantly for many months.
Light pruning occasionally is appreciated.
Grevillea Elegance could be cultivated as a foreground plant in a native garden bed. This will display the unusual and large flowers to their best advantage.
Propagation must be from cuttings so this hybridís desirable characteristics will be retained.
Please note: there is another hybrid known as Grevillea Poorinda Elegance. No doubt this is a worthwhile specimen but the flowers are not a patch on those of Grevillea Elegance.