G.diversifolia.JPG (30074 bytes)Grevillea diversifolia: is a member of the Proteaceae family.

Grevillea diversifolia may be an erect or spreading shrub that may reach a height of 4 metres. Judicious pruning will keep plants at a more manageable height with an increase in foliage density.

The leaves are linear to lanceolate. Some may have 2-3 lobes. The specimen illustrated has no lobed leaves.

Flower clusters may be profuse and carried on the ends of branches. Flowers are cream-green and reddish. The flower clusters are small (about 15 millimetres across) and rather insignificant. Blooms are said to be pleasantly perfumed. We could detect no perfume from the flowers of our specimen.

There are two subspecies. There are appears to be little or no horticultural differences between the subspecies.

Grevillea diversifolia is a native of the south-west corner of Western Australia.

This species does not have significant flowers but could be cultivated as a screen plant.

Propagate from cuttings.