G.crithmifolia.JPG (45001 bytes)Grevillea crithmifolia: is a member of the Proteaceae family and is a native of Western Australia.
Grevillea crithmifolia comes in two forms. One is a compact shrub about two metres tall whilst the other is a dense ground cover. The latter form seems to be the one most widely cultivated.
Light green leaves are divided at the end into three narrow segments. The flowering period is spring and at this time plants become covered with dense clusters of white or pink flowers.
We have a number of ground covering specimens growing at Yallaroo. One plant has developed into a dense ground cover with a spread of two metres. Our plants have white flowers and the blooms plus the light green foliage creates an eye-catching landscape feature. It is said that the pink-flowered form is particularly attractive.
Some years ago we observed this species, in a Western Australia garden, spilling down an embankment.
Prune lightly after flowering and propagate from cuttings.