G.confertifolia2.JPG (43759 bytes)Grevillea confertifolia: is a member of the Proteaceae family, is known as the Grampians Grevillea and is a native of Victoria.

Grevillea confertifolia is a dwarf to small shrub with spreading branches. The leaves are up to four centimetres long, 0.3 centimetres wide, crowded, light to dark green with a sharp point.

Flower clusters have many individual blooms, terminal on small branches, profuse and conspicuous. Flowers are a colourful deep mauve to purplish pink.

Plants appreciate pruning.

Our plants have a semi-prostrate growth habit with creeping branches.

Grevillea confertifolia would be a colourful addition to native cottage gardens or as a foreground plant in garden beds.

Propagate from cuttings.