G.Bonnie-Prince.JPG (32397 bytes)Grevillea Bonnie Prince Charlie: is a hybrid whose parents are Grevillea alpina and a form of Grevillea rosmarinifolia.
“Bonnie Prince Charlie” is a dwarf, bushy shrub that will reach a height of one metre. The leaves are oblong and about four centimetres long, dark green above and paler below.
The flowers are red and yellow, often profuse. Flowering occurs over a lengthy period.  The blooms are similar in colour to Grevillea alpina, one of the parents.
Prune lightly to keep plants dense and bushy.
Grevillea Bonnie Prince Charlie could be grown as an attractive foreground plant in a native garden bed.
We have a specimen in one of our gardens and it has proved to be hardy and free flowering. This particular plant has sent up one sucker. 
Propagate from cuttings.