Grevillea_Bedspread.JPG (45316 bytes)Grevillea Bedspread: is a member of the Proteaceae family and is a hybrid whose parents are said to be Grevillea Royal Mantle and Grevillea wilkinsonii, a very rare species from southern New South Wales.

Grevillea Bedspread is a dense ground cover with a spread of two metres. The dark green leaves are ten centimetres long by five centimetres wide. Leaves have serrated margins.

Toothbrush-shaped flowers are dark red, appear in spring and autumn. They are rich in nectar and attract honeyeaters.

Grevillea Bedspread could be grown under other plants as colourful living mulch or allowed to spill over walls and down embankments. This free-flowering ground cover is similar, in appearance, to Grevillea Fanfare, Grevillea gaudichaudii and Grevillea Royal Mantle.

Propagation must be from cuttings to preserve the ground covering growth habit.