G.bedggoodiana.JPG (51607 bytes)Grevillea bedggoodiana: is a member of the Proteaceae family and is a rare species from Victoria. The species name spelling is correct and commemorates Miss Stella Bedggood (1916-1978) who was involved in efforts to ensure the conservation of this rare Grevillea.
Grevillea bedggoodiana is a dwarf, spreading shrub with holy-like leaves that are bright green above and light green beneath with black hairs.
Flowers are carried in toothbrush-shaped spikes. Young flowers are greenish-pink and age to dark pink or red. Spikes carry flowers of both colours. Honeyeaters are attracted to the blooms.
Grevillea bedggoodiana would be an interesting addition to native cottage gardens and rockeries.
The species is sometimes sold as Grevillea Enfield.
Our specimen (see photo) first flowered in the spring of 2006. This plant had been in the ground for less than 12 months at this time.