G.aspleniifolia.JPG (46939 bytes)Grevillea aspleniifolia: is a member of the Proteaceae family and is a large, bushy shrub. The leaves are long and narrow with some serrations. Toothbrush flowers are bright red and rich in nectar. The main flowering period is between July and November with sporadic flowering at other times. Honeyeaters flock (pardon the pun) to the flowers.
Grevillea aspleniifolia is found in the Blue Mountains , west of Sydney and the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales. The species usually grows on rocky ridges and slopes in woodland.
The image is of a cultivated specimen growing in a garden at Gosford, north of Sydney . A constant stream of honeyeaters visits the flowers. The plant is rather straggly and would benefit from some judicious pruning.
Propagate from cuttings.