Grevillea_Coastal_Glow.jpg (56503 bytes)Grevillea Coastal Glow: is a member of the Proteaceae family and is a hybrid whose parents are said to be G. barklyana and either G. asplenifolia or G. longifolia.

Grevillea Coastal Glow is a medium shrub that gas reached a height of two metres in our garden. Young growth often has a reddish colour. The oblong leaves are 20 centimetres long, 2 centimetres wide, green above and silky-hairy beneath. Some leaves have lobes. The flowers are toothbrush-shaped, on the ends of branches, seven centimetres long and reddish-purple. The flowering period extends from August to February. Blooms are usually conspicuous, profuse and attract honeyeaters.

Grevillea Coastal Glow is a hardy shrub with attractive flowers. Light pruning, after flowering, is appreciated.

Propagate from cuttings to preserve the desirable characteristics of this handsome hybrid.