Goodenia_ovata.jpg (34905 bytes)Goodenia ovata: is a member of the Goodeniaceae family. There are 170 Goodenia species with only three not native to Australia. Goodenia ovata is a widespread species occurring in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. Goodenia ovata may be an upright shrub or ground cover. There are a number of upright forms and some have sticky foliage. We have a number of upright forms growing at Yallaroo and they have proved to be hardy colourful plants. The ground covering form is our favourite. A number of years ago we collected this form somewhere in Victoria. Unfortunately the location has been lost in the mists of time. This ground covering form develops into dense clumps about 50 centimetres in diameter. Bright yellow flowers appear for many months. Plants in exposed positions are sometimes damaged by frost but they soon return to vigorous growth in spring. Upright forms of Goodenia ovata were introduced into England in 1793. 
Goodenia ovata is one of the easiest native plants to propagate from cuttings.