Goodenia-hederacea.JPG (30124 bytes)Goodenia hederacea: is a member of the Goodeniaceae family. There are about 180 species. All but one is endemic (native) to Australia. Very few species are in general cultivation. This is unfortunate because Goodenias are hardy and usually free flowering. In the future we are sure that more species will appear in nurseries. Goodenia hederacea is known as the Forest Goodenia. It is a prostrate herb* with leaves that are circular to linear in shape. The leaves are dark green above and silvery beneath. Bright yellow, five-petalled flowers appear in spring and summer. Plants often produce trailing stems that root at the nodes. Goodenia hederacea is common in the regenerating bushland at Yallaroo.
Goodenia hederacea would be at home in rockeries, native cottage gardens and hanging baskets.
Propagation is by cuttings or division.
* Plants without woody stems.