Goodenia_decurrens.JPG (11347 bytes)Goodenia decurrens: There are 169 species of Goodenia native to Australia and one species is found in New Guinea and Southeast Asia. The number of species surprised us. Few if any are in general cultivation. This is a pity because they are usually hardy, cheerful plants with bright yellow flowers. A few Goodenias have blue or pinkish-mauve flowers. We have two yellow flowered species occurring naturally on Yallaroo.
We collected cuttings of Goodenia decurrens on a plant-collecting trip to the Hunter Valley, north of Sydney. As with most Goodenias the cuttings struck readily and the resulting plants presented us with a floral extravaganza, which lasts for many months.  Goodenia decurrens is a small erect shrub with multiple stems (rather like a miniature mallee). The leaves are lanceolate with toothed margins. The large, bright yellow flowers develop along the stems. It is a most attractive small shrub and attracts comment from visitors to Yallaroo. We have it growing in full sun on well-drained sites. The species will also grow in semi-shade. One author wrote: “Not popular in cultivation but has potential for wider use with showy flowers”. We totally agree. Removing stems as the flowers fade will encourage new growth. Goodenia decurrens is a native of NSW and occurs on the Central Coast, Central tablelands and Western Slopes. See: Horticultural Surprises.