Geehi_Hut.JPG (32559 bytes)Geehi Flats: are situated, in Kosciuszko National Park , beside the Alpine Way and on the banks of the Swampy Plain River . The Flats are 76 kilometres from Jindabyne and 32 kilometres from Khancoban.
From Geehi Flats there are magnificent views of the Main Kosciuszko Range . From the Flats it is also possible to see the entire sequence of plant communities from woodland river flats to alpine communities. Between these two communities there are dry and wet sclerophyll forests and sub-alpine communities. Both sub-alpine and alpine communities are above the tree line.
At Geehi Flats there is a camping area, tables, toilets, information displays and picnic shelter. Geehi Hut and Tyrellís Hut are also situated on the Flats. Geehi Hut (see image) was damaged in the 2003 bushfires and has been rebuilt. Tyrellís Hut is just a fireplace and corrugated iron roof.
We visited Geehi Flats in May 2005 and in a picnic area came across some large Correa plants with red flowers and strongly aromatic foliage. These may be the red-flowered form of Correa glabra. We did not see any specimens in the bush so these may have been planted.
A few kilometres along the Alpine Way we visited Scammellís Lookout and picnic area. From here there are more breathtaking views. A beautiful, flowering specimen of Grevillea victoriae was planted in a garden bed near the Lookout. This species is native to Kosciuszko National Park .