Gdn_sculpture.JPG (27508 bytes)Garden Sculptures: Over many years Yallaroo suffered from poorly managed agricultural activities. Over-clearing and over-grazing have left their marks on our environment. Dead trees, stumps and branches litter the landscape and weeds have intruded in many places.
Fortunately every cloud has a silver lining. The dead trees have hollows used as nesting sites for parrots and other native birds. Dead trees are also used as lookout points for other birds. We are now incorporating stumps and branches in our garden. Many have fascinating shapes and add interest to our domestic landscape. They also serve another purpose. Jacky Lizards rest on our garden sculptures and soak up the sun. Blue Wrens also use these structures as they survey the garden before diving into the vegetation chasing insects.
These natural garden sculptures also provide support for native climbers such as Hardenbergia and Clematis.