Gwillisii.JPG (24158 bytes)Grevillea willisii is a native of Victoria, which develops into a spreading shrub about three metres by three metres. Grey-green, lobed, prickly leaves and creamy-white toothbrush flowers are features. One author has described the flowers as insignificant. A visit to the optometrist would be appropriate. We have a number of specimens in the gardens and they have proved to be hardy, free-flowering, frost tolerant and drought resistant. G. willisii is an eye-catching shrub during the spring flowering period. Honeyeaters feed from the flowers. The species is classified as a rare plant with limited distribution. There is also a long-leaved form that may be extinct. The specimens growing at Yallaroo are about ten years old and are still growing and flowering vigorously. Propagate from cuttings.