Ellendale_pool.JPG (28193 bytes)Grevillea Ellendale Pool: There are a number of Grevilleas that have been given geographic place names prior to their rise to species status. Usually these species are classified as rare with limited natural distribution.
Grevillea Ellendale Pool is one example. The species is now known as Grevillea fililoba and occurs near Geraldton in Western Australia.  Grevillea fililoba is a beautiful spreading shrub with light green divided leaves and eye catching pink to bright red flower heads, which appear for many months.
In Olde and Marriott’s Grevillea books the species is said to sometimes die suddenly in cultivation. We have experienced this phenomenon. A large plant, in the garden, expired in a couple of days. Fortunately we had two other plants and they are surviving and thriving. This species appreciates a well-drained situation. This was probably the reason for the large plant dying.
Growth habit, foliage and flowers are all features of Grevillea fililoba. The species is often available from nurseries and is worth including in the garden. Propagates readily from cuttings.