G.pinaster.JPG (43252 bytes)Grevillea pinaster: is a member of the Proteaceae family.  The species is a native of Western Australia and comes from north of Perth, along the coast. There has been some confusion between this species and Grevillea stenomera. Our original plant was purchased as Grevillea stenomera. Grevillea pinaster has simple or one-lobed leaves whilst Grevillea stenomera has pinnate, lobed, silvery-grey leaves.
Grevillea pinaster is a medium shrub with dense, light green foliage and bright red clusters of flowers that are carried for many months. Honeyeaters are partial to the nectar-rich flowers and are constant visitors to our plants. Grevillea pinaster appreciates pruning and we shape our specimens into dense, rounded shrubs that are about one and a half metres tall.
This is one of a large number of Western Australian Grevilleas that have great and as yet untapped horticultural potential.
Grevillea pinaster propagates easily from cuttings. This ease of propagation has allowed this beautiful Grevillea to be spread throughout the gardens at Yallaroo.