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Grevillea juniperina as the name implies has prickly foliage. The species is widespread and is extremely variable in both foliage and colour. Grevillea juniperina occurs naturally on the coast and tablelands of NSW and also southern Queensland. An interesting form occurs in western Sydney. Narrow, prickly light green leaves and pale yellow flowers characterise this form. We have a 10-year-old specimen that is 1˝ metres tall and 4 metres wide. There is also reputed to be a red flowering form in this area.

We also grow two interesting forms from the Northern Tablelands. One comes from Uralla south of Armidale. This form, which develops into a small spreading shrub, has prickly leaves about 6mm wide with pale yellow flowers. This Grevillea juniperina has colonised steep eroded gullies, which are a legacy of gold mining last century. The other form comes from the Gwydir Highway east of Glen Innes and is a spreading shrub with narrow prickly leaves and bright red flowers. The flowers are an eye-catching feature of this form.

We are growing another form, which comes from near Goulburn on the Southern Tablelands. This is an upright shrub with yellow flowers. All “juniperinas” propagate readily from cuttings.     

The two images on the left illustrates the “Glen Innes” form on the left and the “Uralla” form on the right. The right hand single image illustrates the “Sydney” form.